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PRO INSIGHT SERIES: Controlling The Controllables

Do Everything You Can Control

A powerful phrase that you will hear often the longer you stay in the game. But what does it

actually mean, and how can I use it to better my game?

We’ve all had good games and bad games. Games in the sun and in the freezing cold rain. Games where you feel unstoppable and others where you feel like you can’t control a ball. Controlling the controllables means doing everything you can to ensure you can play to the best of your ability no matter the situation or environment you are in.

Basically, focussing on yourself and the things you can control, over the things that you


TPP TIP - Focus on you and be the best version of yourself

Things you can focus on controlling

  • Your preparation for training/games

  • Your diet and hydration leading up to a game

  • Your mindset

  • Fitness levels and attitude

  • Being a team player

Things you cannot control

  • The weather

  • The pitch

  • A referee/decision you don’t agree with

  • Getting picked

  • Negative comments from team-mates

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