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PRO INSIGHT SERIES: Rising Above The Rest

What It Takes To Stand Out In Youth Football

In the fiercely competitive world of Youth football, standing out from the crowd requires more than just raw talent. It demands a combination of skill, work ethic, attitude, and a certain mindset that sets you apart from your peers. 

At The Pro Project, we believe in cultivating the qualities that distinguish exceptional athletes from the rest.

Our youth development programme's focus not only on technical proficiency and striving to be a more complete player, but also on character/personal development, leadership skills, and mental resilience.

By nurturing well-rounded players who excel both on and off the field, we prepare them to rise above the competition and achieve greatness in football and beyond.

Aiming to be the best player in a session or having certain standards for yourself is a life skill that can transfer from the pitch to everyday.

Trials - How Can You Stand Out As A Player?

We're currently almost mid-way through Term 1 and have had a number of sessions over the past few months with young players preparing for trials or some sort of squad selection.

With the ruthless nature of competitive football as players get older this becomes more cut-throat and the margins become thinner. Chances are, coaches are meeting a whole new squad of around 20-30 players and looking to pick around 18 from the group.

The Pro Project Tips:

First Impressions

Leave the coaches something to remember you by.

Whether it be a last-ditch tackle, shot from distance or your organisation skills, leave a positive impression & have them thinking about your action(s) afterwards!

It may be something as simple as a hello and hand-shake at the start of training!

Understanding Your Unique Strengths & Characteristics

Play to your strengths.

If your main attribute is speed & dribbling, remember this. If Haaland dropped deep for Man City to keep the ball simple, he wouldn't be half as effective.

Know/understand and play to your strengths as much as possible.

Body Language & Attitude

Stay positive.

Some games you may hardly touch the ball, or your first-touch / technicals are slightly off. Everyone has games like this and if this is the case, work extra hard out of possession and keep positive.

It isn't just about your 'on the ball' work at Youth level plus, a majority of your game is off the ball.

Winning Mentality

Are you a player that goes the extra mile for your team to win?

You can do this by taking responsibility in-front of goal to score, or being hard to beat/determined out of possession. It stands out.

Team Player

Be a good person first, be the positive person/player in the environment.

Being respectful, trustworthy and honest are some good traits to bear in mind on and off the pitch.

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