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Taking inspiration from my junior days but with a few tweaks.

At The Pro Project, we would like to believe we are as effective off the pitch with our players, as we are on it. With our care & support, and in this instance our feedback, we aim to touch on your individual game and provide you with identified areas of strengths & work-ons.

With inspiration taken from my own player reports from my junior days and tweaked/modernised, each player is scored out of 4, with 1 being ‘needs development’ and 4 being ‘excellent’ (please note a 4 is very rare especially at junior age).

Our aim is to improve game understanding with a clear picture and honest feedback on what the player can do to better their game, and also to identify their strengths.

Pre vs Post Advanced Player Programme Goals.

Pre Advanced Player Programmes our players are asked to complete a Goal Setting form which allows our Coaches to understand what our players wish to achieve during both the group sessions and the 1-1 sessions.

Post Advanced Player Programmes, our dedicated coaches spend time to evaluate each individual players current performance levels on the 4 corners of the game. These are:

Technical – first touch, passing range, ball-striking

Tactical – understanding your position, decision-making

Social / emotional – confidence, leadership skills

Physical – speed, how well do you compete physically.

We will also add in other comments on character & personality before feeding back to parents in our post Advanced Player Programme ‘Parent Feedback Meeting’ over a zoom or coffee.

It is important to keep everyone informed and involved.

We believe it is super important to keep our The Pro Project parents up to date and involved with their child’s development.

Our key goal is to develop and maintain strong relationships with our families, and the wider The Pro Project community.

We will look forward to working with you on and off the pitch!


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