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Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Who Are The Pro Project?

We are the extra training and position specifics that run along-side clubs but with a focus on


We provide in depth care, build good relationships & are here to support our players


What Is Our Purpose?

- To provide extra training to ambitious players that want to get to the next level.

- Provide confidence and support to players.

- Give players additional support and work-ons to improve their overall game.

"We train players who go back to their specific clubs with more confidence and knowledge"

I already train three times a week, is that enough?

Our blunt answer is no.

Three trainings a week will total up to less than 3 hours of contact and usually this is in a team environment where tactical & social/emotional is the main focus (which is super important).

The Pro Project sessions specialise in the technical side of the game and all sessions are linked to the players position and the technical demands needed to excel in that position. All our Coaches have common wording such as “our aim is to maximise your touches on the ball”.

We encourage you to continue to be trained at school as, for example, 3 sessions of 30 minutes would equate to an extra 1.5 hours. Add this to your schedule and you are getting closer to where we think you should be!

What about my other sports?

We are very fortunate in New Zealand to have access to so many different sports. This can be a great advantage at an early age as it improves hand-eye coordination & social aspects.

However, if you want to be a dedicated and ambitious football player, your time has to be spent focusing on football and there are many sacrifices along the way – including giving up other sports or social activities.

What is it like training football in England?

From experience and speaking from my personal view, there is never any talk about “over-training”. Players (especially between 8-13years ) always talk about not doing enough, no matter how much they do!

You can never do too much experimenting and practicing skills/juggling/weak-foot/ball against a wall on your own. It is the tedious boring stuff that will improve you and make you stand out. IMO it isn’t really imbedded into young Kiwi players, compared to young players in Manchester for example.

My advice to young & ambitious players is to try and get your team & individual training up to 10 hours a week

Some of our key messages

High challenge to improve the player, high support to improve the person.

We will care

We will help

We will grow your potential through football.

Train like there are defenders around


Parent Feedback

“Just a quick note to say **** went into the second trial with a totally different attitude after chatting to you. He came home beaming.

We really appreciate that you take so much time focusing on player well-being as well as skills. It makes all the difference!”


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